jueves, abril 05, 2007

The beginnings

with stones as food
we went trought the desert
just to find the true
just to see our homes
with dirty hands
we learn to share in peace
without roof, without walls
until the demons were released
and now we don´t have home
we don´t have health
neither food, neither stones
and we ask what happened with paradise
while we raise our hands to the sky...
its only our fault, but is easier not to recodnise it...

hace mucho que no escribo en ingles, perdon los errores...

2 comentarios:

*AntagoniSta* dijo...

From the beginning, right to de end is wonderful...

Best wishes, =)

Gaviota dijo...

Well, now, we have to create our own paradise.


Mi inglés no es muy bueno y cuando me da por escribir en inglés me ofusco... pero intento to improve it jeje.

Saludos saturnianos!!!